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TX-2000 AS_Front_2rolls_w Paper Out 03_w

Canon TX Series

TX-4000 AS FRT 2rolls Paper Out 03_w_DEM

Advanced wide format technology that delivers both superb productivity and incredible economy.

Learn about and buy the Canon imagePROGRAF TX-2000, TX-3000 and TX-4000 wide format printers below.

Production Level Speeds

The Canon TX Series has been designed for businesses with high print volume demands, so you can print everything from plans & drawings, to posters & banners in record time without compromising on quality.

Dual Roll Feed

And Take Up

Time is money, so why waste it loading paper rolls?

Canon have developed an amazing second roll feed unit that allows you load two rolls of paper simultaneously and it automatically switches between the two when required.


Flick a switch and it turns into a roll take up unit that enables you to print from one roll to another, great for when you might want to leave the machine printing overnight...



Postscript Compatible

The Canon TX Series wide format printers are fully Postscript compatible and work with all CAD programs such as Solidworks and all of the Autodesk Suite.

Print .DWG and .PDF files from the comfort of your own desk and directly from your favourite application.


Prefer to speak to a human?

Fully Automatic

Paper Loading

The Canon TX-2000, TX-3000 and TX-4000 benefit from a unique, fully automatic paper loading system that prevents your from having to reach too far into the machine to feed paper rolls.

Once you drop the paper roll onto the spindle, simply close the "lock" lever and the printer will feed and align the paper automatically.

Multiposition Stacker Basket

In days gone by, wide format printers would only catch rolled up prints in a simplistic cloth basket.

Canon have introduced a hi-tech basket that neatly stacks up to 100 x A1 or A0 documents that saves you time when sorting through large print runs.

Advanced Printhead

Backed by a full 1 year manufacturer guarantee, the Canon TM Series ship with a powerful 1 inch wide printhead that delivers blistering speeds and superb image quality.

With over 15,000 nozzles, the Canon PF-06 printhead can lay more ink on the page in less time than any other manufacturer, giving rise to unparalleled levels of productivity and hassle-free maintenance.

Print Directly

From USB

If you already have files setup to print then you can print them directly from the machine's display panel.

Simply pop your USB drive into the port, then navigate to your desired file via the touch-screen display and preview it before you print.

Touch-Screen Display

The easy to use touch-screen display makes navigating the Canon menus easier than ever before.

Check remaining inks levels, change paper rolls and preview USB files from the 3.0 inch colour display panel.


WiFi Connectivity

It's easier than ever to connect your wide format printer to your network.

All of the Canon TX Series printers come with hi-speed ethernet and WiFi connections as standard, so there's no need to buy additional connection options.

TX-3000 AS Front 2rolls Paper Out 05_w_D

Smaller Than Ever

The Canon TX Series wide format printers represent a huge step forward not only in terms of onboard technology, but also in how much space this technology resides.

The current 44.0 inch printer for example (TX-4000) is 30cm smaller than it's predecessor.

Huge Ink Cartridges

The Canon TA Series printers take 55ml ink cartridges, the TM Series take 130ml or 300ml ink cartridges, but the Canon TX Series can utilise 160ml, 330ml or even 700ml ink cartridges which makes them even more economical to run.

The cartridges can even be changed on the fly, whilst the machine is printing for less down time and increased productivity.

Advanced Touch-Screen Scanner Option

The Canon imagePROGRAF TX-3000 and TX-4000 have the option of the advanced T36 touch-screen scanner with inbuilt controller.

This means that you can print, scan & copy right at the device, and even preview your documents before printing/sending them.

Product Videos

Discover more about the Canon TX Series wide format printers with these full length product videos...


Product Specifications

The full Canon TX Series specifications can be found in the datasheets which are available as downloads below...

TX-4000 AS FRT 2rolls Paper Out 03_w_DEM

TX-4000 Datasheet

B0+ | 1118mm | 44"

TX-3000 AS Front 2rolls Paper Out 05_w_D

TX-3000 Datasheet

A0 | 914mm | 36"

TX-2000 AS_Front_2rolls_w Paper Out 03_w

TX-2000 Datasheet

A1 | 610mm | 24"

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