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Canon TM Series

Print plans, posters, photos & more with these outstanding business-class wide format printers.

Learn about the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200 and TM-300 wide format printers below.


Print Plans & Drawings

For Just 20p

Copy shops and print shops can charge around £3 to £5 for an A1 colour plan or drawing, but that same document would typically cost just 20p to produce on a Canon TM-200 or TM-300, including the ink and the paper.

Print Photos, Posters

Banners & More

Canon's Lucia TD inks are pigmented which means they won't fade after a short time like dye based inks do.

Confidently print stunning resolution photos and banners knowing that they will stand the test of time!



Postscript Compatible

All Canon wide format printers are fully Postscript compatible and work with all major CAD programs such as Solidworks and the entire Autodesk Suite.

Print your .DWG and .PDF files in seconds, directly from your favourite application.


Prefer to speak to a human?

Top Mounting

Scanner Option

Turn your TM-200 or TM-300 wide format printer into a wide format MFP system by adding the optional top-mounting L24ei or L36ei scanner.

Print, copy or scan to folder right from your device.

Super Fast

Print Speeds

With an ultra high speed processor and new printhead design, the Canon TM Series deliver market leading print speeds:

24 Seconds

A1 Print Speed | TM-200

40 Seconds

A0 Print Speed | TM-300

Just One Printhead

The Canon TM-200 and TM-300 ship with a powerful printhead which is designed to last the life of the machine.

There's no need to keep changing it every few ink changes and it even comes with a full 1 year manufacturer guarantee.


Stacker Basket

Traditionally, wide format printers just came with a basket that caught prints as they fell from the cutter.

Canon have introduced a revolutionary basket design that neatly stacks up to 20 A1 or A0 documents as they finish printing.

Touch-Screen Interface

All of Canon's wide format printers now feature an easy-to-use touch-screen interface which makes navigating the menus easier than ever before.

Check remaining inks levels and change paper rolls easily from the home screen. 


WiFi Connectivity

It's easier than ever to connect your wide format printer to your network.

All of the Canon TM Series printers come with hi-speed ethernet and WiFi connections as standard, so there's no need to buy additional connection options.


Compact Design

All of this amazing technology has been squeezed into a carefully designed chassis that won't take up too much room.

The Canon TM-200 and TM-300 are not much bigger than a traditional A3 MFD and have been designed to fit perfectly into your office.

Business Size

Ink Cartridges

The Canon TM Series printers ship with 5 x 90ml starter cartridges and take 130ml or 300ml replacements.

These business sized cartridges give you an extremely low cost per print and can even be changed whilst the machine is printing.

60% Quieter Than Previous Models

With an entirely new chassis design and strategic silencers/dampeners, the Canon TM-200 and TM-300 are around 60% quieter than the previous wide format printer models.

Less noise means more concentration for your staff!

Product Videos

Learn more about the Canon TM Series wide format printers with this full length product video...


Product Specifications

The full Canon TM Series specifications can be found in the datasheets which are available as downloads below...

TM-200 Datasheet

A1 | 610mm | 24"

TM-300 Datasheet

A0 | 914mm | 36"

Canon TM-200

A1 | 610mm | 24"


Canon TM-300

A0 | 914mm | 36"

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