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Canon PRO Series


The ultimate wide format technology that combines unbeatable speed with industry leading quality.

Learn about the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2100, PRO-4100, PRO-6100, PRO-4100S and PRO-6100S wide format printers below.

17 inch to 60 inch

Ultra high quality printing is now available across an entire suite of machines from 17 inches wide, right up to 60 inches wide.

Every printer in the Canon PRO Series utilises the same PF-10 printhead and Lucia PRO ink formulation to deliver consistent image reproduction across the entire range.

Dual Roll Feed

And Take Up

Tired of switching between paper rolls?

With the Canon PRO Series you can load two types of paper at the same time and your printer will automatically switch between them when necessary.

Switch the roll feed unit into take-up mode and you can leave the machine unattended for long periods of time and print directly from one roll to another.

Fully Automatic

Media Loading

Just place the roll in the feeder and the printer will automatically feed the media without you having to touch it.

Using Canon's patented A.I. technology and sensors the type of media is learned, and over time the printer will recognise the media type without being told.

The printer will even correct the skew alignment, detect the width of the media and will accurately keep monitoring the remaining length of the roll.


8 And 12

Colour Models

Which machine is right for me?


The more colours you have, the more colours you can recreate, that's why Canon developed their 12 colour range; to satisfy the most discerning photographers and fine-art galleries.

If you're concerned with ultra-precise gradations and inspecting your prints close-up, then you'll need one of the 12 colour models (PRO-1000, PRO-2100, PRO-4100 or PRO-6100).

The 8 colour range (PRO-4100S, PRO-6100S) on the other hand, deliver the same ultra-high print resolution and will be just as good to the layman, but the printers have been tuned to be faster, making them the new benchmark choice for the Print For Pay industry.

8 or 12 Colour?

Prefer to speak to a human?

1.28 inch Printhead

The Canon PF-10 printhead that is featured in all of the PRO Series devices is wider, faster and better than ever before.

The all new design was developed with quality and consistency in mind, whilst maximising the available print speed.

Multi Position Basket

Your prints matter, so you don't want them getting scratched or damaged as they fall from your cutter.

That's why Canon have developed a truly unique, multi-positional basket that will care for your precious documents by catching them in a variety of different ways.

Small Just Got Smaller

Thanks to the new PF-10 printhead design, the Canon PRO Series printers are smaller than ever before as the printhead does not have to travel as far past the printable width of the paper.

As testament to this, the Canon 60 inch PRO-6100 and PRO-6100S will fit into the same space as the old Canon 44 inch devices!

Consistency Across

Your Entire Fleet

All of the Canon PRO Series devices feature inbuilt technology that allows you to calibrate a fleet of printers to produce uniform colour reproduction.

So wether you have more than one machine in the same office or spread out over multiple locations, you can guarantee that your entire fleet will be producing the same results.

Touch-Screen LCD

Every machine in the PRO Series from the PRO-1000 right up to the PRO-6100 feature an easy to use 3.5 inch colour LCD display.

Check at-a-glance your remaining ink levels, which papers you have loaded and the remaining time before your print job is complete.


WiFi Connectivity

It's easier than ever to connect your wide format printer to your network.

Canon's PRO Series printers come with hi-speed ethernet and WiFi connections as standard, so there's no need to buy additional connection options.


High Speed

Image Processing

With on-board solid state HDD drives and Canon's advanced L-COA PRO Processor as standard, the Canon PRO Series devices take the strain from your PC and handle even the highest resolution images with ease.


Canon's patented LUCIA PRO ink formulation has been developed to deliver the widest colour gamut whilst maintaining superior reproduction in dark areas.


The 12 colour devices feature an all-new gloss optimiser which can be used to enhance photos and make the colours appear even more vibrant.

Hot Swap

Ink Cartridges

The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO Series has been built with productivity and economy in mind.

Mix and match 160ml, 330ml and 700ml ink cartridges as you see fit and even change them on the fly, whilst the machine is printing.

Product Videos

Discover more features of the Canon PRO Series wide format printers with these other informative videos...


Product Specifications

The full Canon PRO Series specifications can be found in the datasheets which are available as downloads below...



8 Colour Model

B0+ | 1118mm | 44"



8 Colour Model

1.5m | 1524mm | 60"



12 Colour Model

A2 | 432mm | 17"



12 Colour Model

A1 | 610mm | 24"



12 Colour Model

B0+ | 1118mm | 44"



12 Colour Model

1.5m | 1524mm | 60"

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